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Where have I been?

Two weeks ago, my computer had issues. Nothing terrible, except the main hard drive was overheating. So, I decided then to turn my attention to other things. Till tonight, that is. Let's see, it was 11:15 p.m. I was dead tired, and I'm having a day-time date tomorrow. I could have either gone to bed or fixed my computer. Guess which one I chose? If you're reading this blog, you have a hint.

I tore out three components, moved three others. The system is cooler and stable now.

I was terribly saddened by the passing of George Carlin. I think his words transended comedy sometimes-- the way Mark Twain's did. The man is likely to be quoted for a century or two. The world feels more dreary with his passing. George Carlin might be let into heaven just from making God laugh, if there's a God.

His death effected me more than other celebrity deaths. The strange thing is, to the week I had a premonition about him dying. I just remember telling myself out of the blue to be prepared for it. First time that ever happened.

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