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My world of late... for those who are interested...

It's been a while since my last post. Fortunately, it has been because of good reasons. My job has never seen such a positive upswing as I've experienced the past 3 months. It's been nothing short of incredible. My only concern is that I can't figure out why. I like to know why so that I can duplicate it in the future if need be. Sometimes thriving comes in mysterious ways.

On the hobbying side, I've slowed way down. Maybe this paragraph is related to the previous paragraph. More than likely it is related to my relative success in the world of poker. I've built enough of a stash to try my luck at qualifying for the WSOP this Fall. I'm thinking about either St. Louis or New Orleans....

My wife and I haven't been to the swingers club in quite some time. We've seemed to become content with each other. Does that mean we are getting old? I prefer to think that I'm some sort of sexual god to her and that she just isn't interested in others. Sadly, I'm likely the one not interested. She's the voyeur, which is typically the reasons why women take their men to such clubs..... and it is the women who rules in those arenas. I prefer to avoid the large groups and focus my energies on one.

The rest of my life is good too.... some traveling abroad has helped me deal with the dreariness of winter, though this winter has not been so dreary. I think we are going to break a record for the lowest amount of snowfall. Now that I've documented that, I'll go out and buy a new snowblower.

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