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3/20 The Dating Game

One of the reasons that I'm so glad I became a hobbyist,is that it gave me confidence to talk with women that I sorely lacked before. I recently have been stepping out with a few women, nothing major...just lunch or a movie so far. Dating seems so much easier for me....because of the experience I've gained from the hobby...good and bad.

I have dated black women, hispanic women, white women and a Cherokee woman as well. So dating can be just as diverse as the hobby for me, and I've gotten a real kick out of it. I have a 2nd date lined up for tomorrow in fact, with a woman I really like...score!

The reason I brought it up was because the hobby has been so valuable to me on a learning level. I don't think about any of that during an appt of course, all I think of at that time is FUN! But the lessons have stayed with me. I am no longer intimidated by beautiful women as I used to be. I go right up and ask them out. I've been shot down a few times, but I've had more success than failures.

Today should be a fun day, and hopefully I can make a better impression than a certain wookie I know!

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