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Pete goes to work

Doc and I picked up the company's equipment on Friday. While we were doing that, C and daughter went to work on my "new" office. We got the new equipment installed and everything tested. All good to go.

Today my new assistant and I tested the company link by printing out the base electrical drawings, marking up what wasn't to code and penciling in some changes that would make things a bit more modular. That reduces the impact of component failures and helps speed up repairs. I sent emails to my team to let them know our first meeting would be at 10 a.m. on Monday. My assistant gave all my work the teddy bear blessing so you know it will all go just fine. Then we broke for lunch and an afternoon nap. Well, her majesty got her nap.

C showed up in DI mode so I paid my therapy debt for the day. The life-jackers have already made it very clear that the job will not be allowed to interfere with the old guy getting better. My daughter was a lot more direct. She was never one for pulling her punches.

My PT is going to come by tomorrow to make sure the ergonomics of my new space are acceptable to her. Until that happens I won't assume the current configuration is the final one.

Yeah, I took the job.

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