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Pete gets a job

It's been six months since I worked at my profession, and some consulting jobs have suddenly appeared on the horizon. Good solid projects. Good potential for some more local jobs.

So I checked one of them out. Turned out one of the principals was a guy I'd worked with several times before. He gathered his team and we had the phone interview right then and there. The interview lasted for nearly two hours. Standard work environment is telecommute, with Skype project meetings as needed and a monthly gathering at the shop so the higher ups can justify their jobs. Simply put, I can work at my own desk in my comfy chair. No one cared what hours I worked, as long as I met the deadlines and was available for the meetings previously discussed. They expected my involvement in the project to last roughly three months. I let them mid-ball me on my rate. This wasn't about money; it was about reducing the amount of vegetating I do on any given day. They would provide a laptop with docking station and a PSC so I could shuffle papers.

The next thing I knew I was talking to their HR department. The nice HR lady asked if I would prefer working on a 1099 or a W-2 basis. It actually got this far before it dawned on me that I was hired. Hold the phone. Did I really want this job?

I told the nice HR lady I would prefer W-2, and asked about whom I needed to talk with about picking up the equipment and when that needed to happen. I got my answers and hung up the phone.

And wondered again; did I really want this job?


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