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Caricatures or People Being Themselves

I have a little less than two weeks to purchase my camping gear that will make my feel good suggestion be tolerable & not turn this into a nightmare. I don't feel like searching & comparing, so I took a slight detour to see if my hobby issue was resolved, but I'm still waiting. Before I can return to the camp world & supplies I got a big hobby laugh. I believe everybody serves a purpose including those that suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. This entry isn't about those troublesome people, but really about the mild manner flamers. I can't thank you enough.

When I was dealing with my own real life conflicts such as managing the unmanageable, legal issues, mourning, self improvement & my latest tall order, developing a foundation. The personas in this hobby have given me many comic relief chuckles & I appreciate them for being themselves. When I have moments of "what the hell am I doing" or "I'm not disciplined enough to take on a new & challenging task". The thing that motivates me the most is fulfilling a dying wish & creating my own niche w/o any ties to family, but the real motivator, are the people who want to see me fail.

When I read of board conflicts that is taken so serious, almost in the tone of life or death, it gives me a break from my own life, especially during heavy decision making time. My laughs from these incidents are almost addictive in itself. Now that's what I will miss at times when I have moments of reflection about this realm. It's like a good comedy sketch that kills the audience each & every time. I still have a few more months left before curtain calls but silly outburst tend to give me a license to have an uncontrollable laugh fest . I guess what makes me laugh the hardest is when I know the back story for these so called serious threads. Oh and I can't forget about the people who claim to hate these type of threads, but post repeatedly on the same drama thread they think is ruining the hobby. LMFAO. I guess it's true what they say, laughter really is the best medicine. This picture really illustrates my feelings on this topic.

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