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Pure Gluttony

The wedding reception that I attended yesterday was a blatant display of over-indulgence.

The pre-dinner reception featured a large variety of h'orderves, some available at two large buffet stations and others being circulated by an army of servers. The open bar lasted for over 4 hours until the end of the dinner.

The dinner itself was a 5-course formal affair, consisting of all of the following, plus non-stop wine and champaign being poured:

  • Seared Atlantic scallop wrapped in smoked salmon, marinated calamari and cannelloni beans, and grilled vegetables
  • Herb veal agnolotti, smoked tomato rose sause
  • Beef tenderloin, sage balsamic pan jus, dauphinoise potato, artichoke, green and white asparagus, baby carrots
  • Grilled shrimp, lobster and scallop, citrus thyme taggiasca olive risotto
  • Bittersweet chocolate mousse dacquoise, vanilla bean ice cream, and Bailey's chocolate milkshake shooter
  • Coffee and tea

After dinner, there was the wedding cake and, in an adjacent room, a large spread of additional desserts and an expresso-cappuccino-latte station.

The hosts are middle class, but not wealthy. But even if money were no object, no human being can, or should, consume such quantity of food and drinks. A wedding is an important occasion (the 50% failure rate of marriages notwithstanding), but is it necessary to go to such excess?

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