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Why didn't that relationship work?

How many dating relationships do you have in your life before you find one that works? (Some of us never do find one that works, unfortunately.) The answer is “lots”. When you look back over your history of dating, what do you see? Is there a common theme? When you go through that long list of relationships that ended, can you find an uncolored truth about why the relationship ended?

For example, could you say:

Most of my relationships are ended by the other person. They get tired of me because...

Most of my relationships ended because we fought over money, or sex, or priorities.

Most of my relationships ended because I/they couldn’t commit.

I actually have two answers. One for relationships ended by me, and a different one for relationships ended by her.

So tell me, what did it for you? What most often inflicted the death blow in your past relationships?

Blog posted 06/30/2008 @ 05:17 pm  |  6 Comments  |  Leave a Comment


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