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The Challenge

Message Boards.....
You use them every week. You can't live without them. You post a small snippet of information about your week, your schedule, your availability, etc., probably not much else.

That's OK. That's all they usually want from you on a message board. If you start to "really" describe your day.... perhaps a situation you've just experienced with a booking gone bad, perhaps a complaint or an observation about another provider, maybe something totally unrelated to the business... who knows what's on your mind... each day is different, but you usually can be sure of one thing, go into too much detail, and someone will probably complain about what you're saying.

The Solution

A "Blog" ...
A "Weblog" ...
A "Hobbyist Blog" ...

What's a "blog" you might ask? It's a web journal or diary of your thoughts, observations, complaints, opinions, whatever...... Hate something? Say it in your blog. Hate someone? Say so in your blog. Need to swear out loud to make a point?? You can do that in your blog....

Think of a blog as a message board that YOU control. You decide what to say, how to say it, and no one else can stop you! Oh sure, they can still comment to your blog entry, but they can't complain to a moderator and get your entire entry deleted or get you banned for saying it! (Remember... no real information that might actually cause harm to someone!)

Why Here???

You can certainly go to any one of the many websites that cater to bloggers in general... and create a blog there, but why let your thoughts and observations get lost within the thousands and thousands of other blogs on the internet.

Hobbyist Blogs provides a place where you can post your blog. It provides a place where others like you can find your blog. And it provides a place that can easily be located time and time again.

Sign up today for a free Hobbyist Blogs account and tell everyone what's on your mind!

We all want to hear what you "really" have to say... :)

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